Thursday, September 18, 2014

Easy Two Balloon Spider

For this one you need 1 160 and 1 5" spider eye round.

Partially inflate the round.  Twist off a 3 inch bubble for the head and then turn the rest into a pinch twist by tying the knot around the middle.

Inflate the 160 leaving a 4-5 inch tail.

Make 4 sets of poodle style legs  2 1/2 inch bubble, 2 1-inch bubbles - another 2 1/2 inch bubble.
make a pinch twist and center it in the middle of the 4 sets of legs.  Remove the excess balloon and tie off.  The legs will still be a bit off and not flat.  Adding the body will take care of that.

Twist the center of the body around the middle of the legs.  Position the pinch twist on the bottom under the spider and the body on top.

Marker as desired.

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