Saturday, January 25, 2014

How to Make a Balloon Bunny

Inflate a 260 balloon leaving a 3-inch tail.

Make a (3 inch) bubble followed by 2 (5 inch) bubbles.

balloon bunny
basic balloon bunny ears

Lock twist the two (5 inch) bubbles together.  This forms the head and ears of your bunny

basic balloon bunny

Make a (1 1/2 inch) bubble followed by 2 (4 inch) bubbles.  Lock twist the (4 inch) bubbles together to form the neck and front legs.

basic balloon bunny
basic balloon bunnyBasic balloon bunny

For the body make a (4 inch) bubble.

basic balloon bunny

This rabbit is sitting down, so you don’t need to make two back legs.  One large loop twist will do the job.  Make a (1 inch) bubble at the end of the balloon.  Twist this bubble at the end of the (4 inch) bubble, locking it in place.

basic balloon bunnybasic balloon bunnybasic balloon bunny

Tuck the front legs into the large loop made.  The friction will keep the bunny in a sitting position.  Use a marker to give you bunny a face.  Don’t forget the whiskers!


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