Monday, January 27, 2014

Geo Flower

Geo Blossom balloons are a speciality balloon from Qualatex.  They come in two sizes, 6" and 16".  There are a lot of creative uses for them - some twisters do amazing things with geo blossoms.  This is simply  how to use them as a flower.  It's not event he only way to do flowers with them, just how we do it.

Inflate your geo blossom balloon fully.  Make sure that all lobes are fully inflated and the flower isn't lopsided.  The geo may be very difficult to tie.  Stretch the neck out as far as you can to when you tie this balloon.  The jewel toned colors are much easier to tie than other colors.

Make a basic flower stem - pretty much an upside down sword with a longish handle

Put the end of the stem through the hole in the geo.  To insert the stem stretch the end through and then push the air up after it.  An alternate, more difficult (too difficult to have a point really) , method is to inflate the geo around the stem.  It's a little scary at first, but these balloons are pretty tough and you can stretch them without popping if you've burped.  I've even fit my entire hand through the opening on the 16 inch variety

After that you're done.  

Not the coolest thing you can do with a geo, nor the most cost efficient way to make a flower - but it's one that people love. I think it may be seeing the balloon with a hole in the middle.  

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