Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Make a Swan

Swans are wonderful one balloon birds.  They look great paired with hearts or you can place two face to face to make a heart shape from their necks.

Inflate a 260 leaving a 2- inch uninflated tail.

 On the knot end, twist a 1 inch bubble.

Next make a large loop with all but about 9-10 inches of the rest of the balloon.  

Secure this loop using the 1 inch bubble twisted at the knot end.

Find the midpoint of the loop.  Bring this point to the base of the loop twist.  Twist together.

Tuck the end of one loop partly through the the second loop.  Frequently one loop is slightly larger than the other.  If this is the case tuck the larger loop through the smaller one.
Fold the uninflated tip down over the straight part the balloon.  Hold this in place and squeeze air up to the uninflated portion.  This will create a bend and form the head.

To hold the head upright you will need to tuck it slightly between the wings.  Lightly pull apart the area where the loops join and pull the neck back between them.  Let go and friction will hold the neck in place.

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